B.east is a portal for cultural and artistic exchanges between the entertainment and arts scenes of mainland China and creatives around the world. Our purpose is to help artists of all levels and mediums engage with Chinese fans, enthusiasts, contemporaries, venues, promoters and online communities.

As an experienced team based in LA that has people on the ground in China we are the go-to for both the initiated and China newbies. We are all about helping our clients exploring uncharted territories.

Chinese Social Media Management

Registration and management of social media and music streaming platforms in China.

We assist in registration and verification on all social media platforms; music and video uploads, daily posts, community management, and original content creation.

This suite of services is perfect for creatives aiming at penetration of the China market that have long term goals in asia.

PR & Influencer Marketing

Individual campaigns for promotion of music, videos, and live performances in China.

We handle content creation including press releases, translations and transcriptions. Placement in outlets across China ensures the maiximization of your content. We use our own network of KOLs and influencers to spread your message throughout the Middle Kingdom.

Suitable for one-off marketing campaigns and important announcements.

Consulting Analysis

Case-by-case advice on best practices for operating in China.

We know the market better than anyone else, and we’re here to help. We can advise on local campaigns and strategy, market entry, booking, distribution, and merchandizing etc.

Contact right now for help on your project.

Why Do I Need Marketing in China?

China is one of the most exciting global markets for Music, Cinema, Fashion and Visual Arts. In recent decades investment in these spheres has rocketed and the country is a frontier for pioneering and energetic creatives.

Although China’s market is one of a multitude of opportunities, legal restrictions, a unique online culture, and language barrier make it a difficult place to operate. The country uses its own social media and music platforms that are sandboxed internationally with limited access overseas. Marketing in China requires care and experience, along with a strategy separate from the rest of the world and even Asia.